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New Orleans and the daily Possum update.

August 02nd, 2015 
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New Orleans and the daily Possum update.


Diane and I had a great time this spring during our shooting course as so many of our Video Subscribers attended training here. We’d like to keep doing them as everyone shared much in common as well as accomplishing great training, enjoying great food and just time spent around the bon-fire at night together listening to Master Chief Davis tell Vietnam SEAL war stories and off colored jokes.

We’d like to invite our subscribers to attend training for one of our final two courses this year at a 10% discount.


1. The Oil Platform in New Orleans from September 27th through October 3rd at a 10% discount ($1845 total) for our subscribers.

2. Combat Shooting Course in Virginia from October 10th through the 14th for Level One and October 14th through the 18th for Level Two at a 10% discount ($1485 total) for our subscribers.


As always… All food, lodging, transportation (not airfare), bullets, weapons and training equipment is included.

No more than 25 people in each course, try to make one this year and both courses are coed. 2016 is uncertain as we ramp up our hunts for SEAL Imposters.

Call Diane at 757-560-2315 for sign up.

Many thanks for the support.


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harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

It is amazing a badass man as Senior, just touches my heart with these baby possums. Were I am from we call them cat-rats. Swear to God, they look as if a cat and rat mated. Great video- loved the rig, hope it is not over, love all aspects of this site.

The Jackal avatar
The Jackal said....  

NOOOOOO!!!! Diane.. not the last one! OK... got to think really hard now.

Carolina Girl avatar
Carolina Girl said....  

Don, you sound better. That's great!

PastorDavy avatar
PastorDavy said....  

Does any one know if SC Shipley ever responds to these posts...or if Diane does ! Sure would make a difference. We love u guys!

Jcl0127 avatar
Jcl0127 said....  

Miss Diane can I just say you make my day.... Go get that phony guys.... God bless

Parrott avatar
Parrott said....  

Diane!! After you settled back in I saw that spider run across your left shoulder!! Aaahhh summbitchin' critters!!

Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

Never heard those called Monkees / Monkey's before?

Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

Senior Chief, will there be anymore of the gut busting, fake Navy Seal Telephone Call Footage? .... We sure do miss that stuff, Damn It!

ArmyTug avatar
ArmyTug said....  

lol critters everywhere, hmm just think if Don was peeling a baby skunk out of his hair.
Baby critters love his hair and once shown this heavenly haven don't want to leave. of course all gods creatures need to experience the hair.
I miss the country life. trained killer possems maybe.

UNflyguy avatar
UNflyguy said....  

Looking forward to the Oil Platform in New Orleans, can't wait to see everyone again,

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