Maryland, Phonies, Shingles, Cannabis.

Maryland, Phonies, Shingles, Cannabis. In that order... Many thanks for the support. I HOPE to have a new phony posted tomorrow.




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Dan V.


The most dangerous thing about marijuana is possibly ordering $80 of Chinese food lol... After two failed back surgeries and permanent nerve damage, it's the only thing that actually works for my father. Hard to believe 1 single plant can relieve such a broad spectrum of medical conditions but it really does, including cancer.




“Poor Old fool,” thought the well-dressed gentleman as he watched an old man fish in a puddle outside a pub. So he invited the old man inside for a drink. As they sipped their whiskeys, the gentleman thought he’d humor the old man and asked, “So how many have you caught today?”

The old man replied, “You’re the eighth.”



As someone with CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which in America called RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy I live with high levels of pain. I need so many opiate painless to just keep going. In the UK cannabis is illegal and I have been brought up in an Army 0 tolerance to drugs and so have a hard time getting my head around taking cannabis or cannabinoid. But by christ I hurt and its 24hrs a day. Pain without any end in sight is scary. In the 10 years since the accident which left me with CRPS, TBI,PTSD and mental health illnesses my pain has spread and increased dispite everything I've tried. The opposition to medical cannabis is lessening especially as I'm now needing an electric wheelchair. The thought of trying to keep going like this is getting harder and harder. The thoughts of just stopping the bus get more invasive and prevalent. I have no moral or religious objections to suicide. I know it would hurt my family and friends but seeing me in this much pain hurts them too. Until it is legalised here getting a good and consistent grade would be difficult and it is often doctored with Skunk or even things like ketamine. A drugs conviction would loose me my professional licences which even though I can't actively use them are my greatest achievements and are treasured. It's such a minefield.



Don, There is another illness that some people get later in life that is also caused by chicken pox. It's called Ramsay Hunts Syndrome. It is basically the shingles virus, but it attacks the facial nerves. You get the worse ear ache you can ever imagine and the shingles blisters form in the ear canal (hurts like a mother) then the shingles virus attacks the facial nerves (usually on one side of the face only) and it is more painful that the actual shingles. If not treated, it will leave you with permanent never damage. I tell you this because I have had Ramsay Hunts syndrome since 1988. When I first got it, the wife took me to Balboa and they treated me for bells palsy. The treatment didn't work. So, being on active duty it sorta impacted my performance, but I suffered through it for about 8 months. I finally went to the library to do some research (before the internet) and basically diagnosed it my self. When I went back to the hospital I told the Doc what I thought it was and he had never heard of it, so did some research and confirmed that was it. So having 3 to 6 outbreaks of this a year it kinda gets old. So, about a year ago I was having a conversation with my Tricare Doc and asked it he thought the shingles vaccination might help with the Ramsay Hunts, he didn't know. Worst case, if I took the Vaccination, nothing would happen.. Well, got the Vaccination and 10 days later got shingles. SO, that was the worse case.. LOL anyway I can now tell you that Ramsay Hunts is a lot worse than shingles. I am 64 and I am afraid as I get older, it may get worse. I have thought about trying the Cannabis deal, but being career Navy and my father was Career Army, it is bored into us that you don't do illegal drugs so I haven't had the nerve to try it. Not sure what would happen if it showed up in a blood test, what Tri Care would do???

Kary Jo


Another great video! Congrats on the Cannabis strain named after you. Thats just crazy. I recently had shingles on my face even around my eye and through my hair. For almost 3 months I felt like a was being branded. Not for sissies! I wish I would have known that cannabis would have helped. I would have got a barrel of it. Happy it didn't actually get in my eye. The Ophthalmologist said I got lucky. I swear if it ever comes back, I'm going to Colorado and get some Phony Navy SEAL of the week Weed!







And btw did I mention Willie & Merle? Hell, Willie's gonna live to be a hundred! God bless that man!




Don you need to delete this video now. It is absolutely NOT legal for someone in Colorado to send marijuana they legally purchased to someone in another state.



I don't do it but am a believer too. I believe the big pharm is out to create more harm than good. My oldest daughter has VERY few immunizations, while my youngest daughter has NONE. It's a strong debate. But as far as medical each their own. Who are we to judge?!?