Looks like the Maryland search may just have ended.

Looks like the Maryland search may just have ended. Awesome hunts for our Wounded Guys and Gals.

Fingers Crossed... Many thanks for the support...

Updates along the way...




Good for you guys!

Dr PennsylVapia


So much for a relaxing retirement. I thought the two of you were looking to get away from running a project like this but it looks like you just are not ready to retire in the traditional sense. I am happy for you and I think it is something very special you have on the horizon. Good luck and it is going to be amazing to watch and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo coming to any website member gatherings because I have been following conversations between members and it is such a collection of amazing people. I am in awe of anyone who serves, had served or is about to serve our country. They are all such amazing people and it has been an honor to get to hear so many points of view, so many incredible stories shared and a sense of humor as twisted as mine but all of these amazing people have such amazing humility and integrity so I am very much looking forward to an event to meet everyone and listen to all the experiences from serving including the good, bad, funny, tragic and inspirational stories of what they experienced while serving. I have shared that I realized too late that I missed out on an amazing life by not serving so I love to listen to what it was like for all kinds of amazing people. Yes that would be an honor to hang out with so many who served to protect what I will never again take for granted. That is going to be one hell of a party!



It just occurred to me, that in addition to his other life time accomplishments, the most impressive accomplishment of Mr. Shipley is that he won the life-long respect, admiration and love a an amazing woman like Diane. To have lived the life as a wife of a Navy SEAL, with all that is involved, and to have decided to stay with that life and that amazing man takes a very rare and special kind of woman. It is really people like the Shipleys that make this country so great!

J Lally


I am 57 , I specialize in custom deck building and have built over 1000 decks all over Cape Cod . I also have a trailer business and I run in my truck down to Georgia and pick up loads of trailers and bring them back to cape cod to sell. I stop in NC to see my Marine son stationed at Camp Lejune. I have many tools and have excellent carpentry skills. If you need some help I volunteer to stop and spend some time and do whatever it takes as long I can shake Don's hand and give Diane a hug! I make the trip about every six weeks so I guess just let me know



Very pretty new hairdo Dianne. Don, glad to see you fully up n runnin.' Your both awesome ty for doing all you do.



Wounded Warrior Water Foul Project....or ExtremeS Water Foul project



Nice hair Diane and looking good Don! Great job guys.



If only I lived in the States.




Thank you for sharing!



how about the Shipley's Trident foundation.