Last night being a Phony SEAL.

Last night being a Phony SEAL.




I am still binge watching all your videos. I dont concern myself with your website as I joined in 2018. You have done such a wonderful thing in your future. You bring young vets to your place on the eastern shore to hunt fish, just take a breather with their familiy's. You guys are ... Successful, you wouldnt have to bust another phony for me to keep watching. In my "real" time you just busted a sicko that was turned over to you by a young Army Vet. A POS that bragged about committing atrocities , murder, rape, necrophilia...ugly story's of hog tying indigs and letting rats eat them alive. I was so pissed off I lost my shit, wanted to hurt that ...POS. In your future you provide great videos of your conservation, your committment to wounded vets, their families. I cant express how much that touches me.

dons a badass


you guys keep working hard..need more people like you nice folks..totally worth it..god bless and much love to you all



You are making it most worthwhile. It is great entertainment. Plus you are removing those scumbag phony seals, makebelieve warriors. Shame is about all they understand. Bust their balloons, their egos, and their butts.



What you are doing is extremely important and honorable. There will always be a crowd on the net that lacks the aptitude to understand what the mission is. I think the two of you are absolutely wonderful. I started watching your videos only a few weeks ago while searching for a training course. I must say, I'm absolutely addicted. Of course the phony seal busting is awesome. The "ask Don and Diane Shit" segments are full of some really great stories about life as a seal. Don your have a gift for telling stories. Your a mans man. Diane your an absolute sweetheart. I'm Seriously considering signing up for extremely seal experience. I only wish you were still doing the training. I would have loved to learn from a man like you. Best of luck to you guys on your seek and destroy of phony seals.



Don't let the nuts get you down. Just remember for every nut that posts negative comments, there are 99 folks who fully support you two and believe what you're doing is very important work. We love you and hold you up as true patriots!



Get em!! I appreciate all that you both do!



Don & Diane...keep up the great work...don't let those trolls on commy tube bother my many, many years on the earth, I never thought I would say this,,,,,
"Dad, you would not believe what most Americans have become like"
(Dad died in 99, served in combat in WWII, a POW, a survivor, then went back in) it does sadden me though for what these men fight for then and now,,, the patriots like Don-Diane and my family and the good vets on this site, are seemingly becoming fewer and fewer with the passing decades......



Don and Diane,
I started following BUD/s 131 at a time when I was very very ill. I was scrolling through YouTube looking for some motivation. I came across a video with pictures and a soundtrack of 'Cat' s in the Cradle' the first time that I had heard the song.
I followed and saw another with Don talking about being a SEAL. I had been in a job that I was passionate about and due to an accident was now unable to work and what really hurt was not being able to ever do that career again.
I was in a very bad place.
Your videos both serious and funny and then the Ustream live get togethers helped me more than I can ever repay. I was just a British girl, an army brat but your community of followers let me job in and feel welcomed.
You give so much support to so many people from the young men wishing to be SEALs, the children you have supported , young SEAL' s and their families.
I wish you both every success with this next step in the journey. I know I keep saying it but I will get out there diving one day before my RSD/CRPS gets too far.
Take care of each other and please enjoy the fruits of you years of hard work.



Sorry to hear people are taking jabs at you... I think Don and Diane are the best,, funny as any one couple could be.. doing a very imported job.. Thanks for your service...



All my thoughts and prayers to you both and I think this site was a fantastic idea. I think the ending of you tube takes away from how many people will see the phony SEALS in that when employers and people in general Google a name they will not see the phony SEAL shit heads that you expose. I am in NO WAY complaining or trolling I guess the thought just hit me and decided to throw it out here. Maybe you can just share the pictures in a slide show like you have in the past and post the link to this site so that those that need to see it or find the video can do so by joining this site. Anyway, all respect thoughts and prayers for your safe but seriously entertaining and important new venture. Thanks to all those that served as well.