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Frank Wait... The Cry Baby Fake Navy SEAL

May 16th, 2015 
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Frank Wait... The Cry Baby Fake Navy SEAL


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rotex29 avatar
rotex29 said....  

My God. Knowing he's a phony, this is wholly uncomfortable and awkward to even watch. Frank obviously spent a lot of time creating these stories, as he jumps from family, to his "healing", to his "dreams", his fantastic accomplishments as an officer, his and eventually to how he wants to be remembered as a decorated Navy SEAL.
 Poor Frank, crying and blubbering at his own concocted fiction... Where does it end? I guess it will when Mr. Shipley turns up...

suess556 avatar
suess556 said....  

frank wait. The ultimate meatball phony navy seal. I don't believe he is an indian either.

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breezyjr avatar
breezyjr said....  

This guy is pure asshat... Probably all his stories are made up...

KevinKa avatar
KevinKa said....  

He wasn't a SEAL at all, good or bad.

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Paul1973 avatar
Paul1973 said....  

Thought I recognized this shitbag when I was watching this video and the previous ones about him. When he said he was a Tuolumne County sheriff it all clicked. I'm from Tuolumne county and I remember this moron as a sheriffs deputy. He was an ass hat then and obviously not much has changed. He's lucky he retired to Cous Bay Oregon, or I'd be wearing his sorry ass out! Glad to see Senior Chief and Mrs. Diane put this piece of shit in his place.

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Bob avatar
Bob said....  

This is odd because I met a guy who told me he was asked to join the seals from his ship. Really, and I never thought much about his story until now. He told me he went to Panama with his SEAL team but was shot while working in the field. Metal plate in his head from that operation. I've always believed him, but now?......I would hate to find out that he was full of bullsh*t. I like the guy and he is kinda harmless in a way. He tells people about the teams but I don't believe he has his job because of the claim. I guess I could find out, but I would hate to find out just as much. He (Tommy) is NOTHING like this ass-hat!

breezyjr avatar 09/23/2016

breezyjr replied....

If he didn't go through BUDS, he's not a seal... Guys don't get picked off ships and just working on a seal team...

jd avatar
jd said....  

iam a Christian theologian, have been for 30 years, and God does not come to people and just says out of the Blue, [your going to go to Heaven], God has never spoke that way to anyone in the whole Bible. God will speak to him one day, but I don't think he is going to like what God says. I was also a Army Ranger, many years ago, and that is why iam on this site, to support Don.

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jd avatar
jd said....  

cry all the way to Hell.

KevinKa avatar
KevinKa said....  

I think he meant BUB/S: Basic Unadulterated Bull Shit.

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Boats2 avatar
Boats2 said....  

If the chief he speaks about meant so much to him he would have been able to give a name.

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