You are here - Episode Five Phony SEAL Adventure. Ronnie Outlaw, the "Wadda ya mean my dads not a SEAL" Dude

Episode Five Phony SEAL Adventure. Ronnie Outlaw, the "Wadda ya mean my dads not a SEAL" Dude

April 02nd, 2015 
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Episode Five Phony SEAL Adventure. Ronnie Outlaw, the ’Wadda ya mean my dads not a SEAL’ Dude

As if I didnt have enough SEAL claims shit on Ronnie already, he shows up wearing a SEAL Skull and Crossbones insignia hat.

Diane and myself will debrief the whole series and the phonies we encountered in our next video. Well also talk about our next ’Hunt’ that begins soon...


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Mark E. avatar
Mark E. said....  

His FB page still has that fake ass Navy SEAL photo. He didn't even bother to take that down. What a douche.

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Go Navy 086 avatar
Go Navy 086 said....  

I like how Ronnie is irritated that we live in society that likes to validate claims. We can't all just be superheroes and cancer patients

Go Navy 086 avatar
Go Navy 086 said....  

Ronnie hurt his back when one of his shipmates "fell down a cliff" at boot camp. Maybe that's why my class didn't go on any cliffs in 2002. Thanks Ronnie. Also Ronnie, its Corpsman....not medic.

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KevinKa avatar
KevinKa said....  

"I just plant rumors all over town and the Internet that I'm a SEAL then let people believe what they want to believe, and leave it at that."

Go Navy 086 avatar
Go Navy 086 said....  

Sr Chief and Ms Shipley took it easy on those 2 clowns.

Ronnie is in the SEAL Reserves.

arfire avatar
arfire said....  

The son is cracking me up, his dialect, his mannerisms, I got to pee, LMAO!! And the training stuff, well we train them, we trained with them, blah, blah, blah. So that makes him an expert. Then you got the old man spouting off his bull sheeyauttt with Judge Judy playing on the TV, LMAO!!!

arfire avatar
arfire said....  

God what is it with all these fucking guys?? Lie after lie after lie!! People making up so much bull shit!! They think no one will ever find out, aah who's gonna know?? After watching a hand full of these, the recycled excuses and answers are quite comical, it's classified, I don't remember, you're breaking up, I can't hear you, huh, what's that, it was top secret, LMAO!! Fucking wannabes!!!

Indiana Jones avatar
Indiana Jones said....  

those hillbillies are entirely full of it

Big Sol avatar
Big Sol said....  

Dude claimed he turned his head when he heard the rifle crack. The only two 'cracks' you hear if someone takes a shot that barely misses you are the ballistic crack and the report, and by the time you've heard either one, the bullet has already passed by...

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DeltaBravo193 avatar
DeltaBravo193 said....  

Did dude claim he was with buds class, 2465765345646?

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Rob avatar 10/03/2016

Rob replied....

Yeah and Ronnie was in 8675309

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