Don watches Soap Operas

Diane catches Don watching her soap operas and they survive another flood




Jesus! How big is your mailbox??



My sweetheart Jill and I do the arm rest thing to our dog. Love the videos. We are also so happy for you both. Blessings to you and yours.

phony hater





Wow, American Legion post commander. What a betrayal of trust!




This is the first Saturday in a long time that we are done with all activities before 4pm. I'm a little lost right now. I actually have time to myself. I don't care for it in all honesty. It's boring as fuck. Shitty weather has rolled in and we can't even go shoot weapons. I have vowed to go back to back as far as being first when the next video pops up. I love ya all. But I will destroy you and become the back to back victor. Jesus horseshoe Christ, I've gotta stop working so much or find a new hobby.......




This got some air play back in the 80's loved it. Jackie's theme song?




First I just wanted to say that I love you guys!! I live in a town with a population of about 20K and I am a retired Senior Chief. Last night, I went to a local watering hole to judge the karaoke contest. Prior to the contest starting, I was sitting and talking with an ex-Ranger, when we both heard this guy tell a group of ladies that he was a Navy SEAL. I listened for a few minutes and when he stated that he killed Qaddafi. The guy wasn't a big guy, but about 5'7 or so and didn't weigh more that a buck 30. My wrists were bigger around than his biceps (I know that means nothing), but I couldn't take anymore, so I approached him and stated asking the very basic questions, BUD/s Class? What year graduated, what Team assigned to and where was that?? He was in SEAL Class 1863C and graduated in 1990. Assigned to Team 5 in Jacksonville FL, so I politely listened to him ramble on for a couple of minutes, then I leaned in real close and told him "You and I both know you are not a SEAL, and You NEVER were a SEAL nor did you ever attend BUD/s training." He just looked at me and and said his training was Top Secret, at which point I laughed and again stated that He and I both know that was a lie. A tear formed in his eye and nodded his head. At which point I made him apologize to the table of ladies and he left the bar, on his way out I told him if he ever came back, or did this again I would embarrass him in front of the whole bar. I think he got the message. OK, now it gets better. Now the guy that took 2nd place was sitting two tables from me, and when I walked over to congratulate him, I heard him tell his date, that he was used to staying up late due to his SEAL Training. ( I know, right, two in the same bar of about 30 people) I took a second to absorb what he had just said. SO I approached and shook his hand and congratulated him on his 50 bucks he just won and wanted to say thank you for your service. Now keep in mind that his Father and Mother are sitting at the table with him and his date. I then asked him what BUD/s class and what Team he was on. He was in BUD/s class 161B, Graduated BUD/s in 2008. Assigned to SEAL Team 5 based in Denver CO. REALLY??? So, I challenged him about this. If I'm not mistaken, BUD/S Class 161 would have been maybe 1989 or so??????? Any way, he got really pissed and told him to take a minute and think about what he just told me, and that I would be right back. I walked up to the bar and the owner's son asked my what I was talking to Matt about. So, I told him and he laughed. Said he (Matt) didn't graduate High School until 2010. So, I went back to Matt and told him he was full of shit loud enough for the entire Bar to hear me, and then walked away. THEN, his dad came up to me and wanted to know what that was about, and I told him that I couldn't believe that he (dad) could sit there and let his son lie about all that. His excuse was that they were drunk. BULL SHIT!! Anyway, two phonies in one bar of no more than 40 people. We'll see if he shows up next Friday night for Karaoke, if he does, I will have the DJ announce that he is a phony and is stealing Valor.








For Ph,


Jan T


OK - Attention everyone - Don't forget your meds.