Don and Diane are tired

Don and Diane are tired and having a rough morning




I dont give a fuck about how often you folks put up a video of a phony. I sit here and laugh my ass off at the stories, arguments, just folks living your lives. I dig all the videos you do, phonys, grifters, are in abundance, like coyotes, the more you get the more you have. Just do you that makes me laugh my ass off.



I'm in it for the long haul Don and Diane, I love you both !!!



i think everybody is spoiled true fans will stay and the looses will leaxe. i appreciate everything yall do good luck always



Like I mentioned earlier I am new to all this and been slightly addicted to catching up on all these videos. Keep doing it your WAY.... If I wanted professional bullshit I would watch cable... You guys make it real everyday. Please keep it up, and keep it real!



Diane and Don, take care of yourself first of all. We love it all- the "ask shit", the cooking shows, the stolen valor videos, the Don and Diane moments, we love it all. But we love it that you're able to manage all this to work and still take care of yourself . You do have other things in life. Remember- boundaries and balance!!




I can't imagine why anyone would complain about the content, or lack thereof. It's pretty darn clear that you two have a lot going on! I respect and admire you both, and I love all the videos!



you don't have to explain to me , your honour speaks for you.



I for one am really looking forward to the new content. I'm glad to be a member of this site. I didn't think I'd enjoy watching the non phony videos but I like pretty much all the content on here. Well worth the money, and I'm a cheap Scotsman so that's saying something!

Given that we have to wait a wee while, can we get the 'outlaw bikers' and 'Devin Davis' Phony SEAL videos fixed please?

Donna in Austin


I am amazed at times how rude and negative folks can be on the internet. Perhaps it is the illusion of being annonymous that leads to a lack of kindness. I always post under my real name as a reminder to myself to only post those things that I would gladly say to one's face. Face to face I would tell you two that I enjoy the phonies the best and it is the reason I found you in the first place. I would also say that I totally understand why there are limited video of phonies. I get that the phonies are on to the telephone thing and of course you can't fly all over all the time busting phonies. You put out a very good product for a very reasonable price. While I did not sign up to hear cooking tips, I find I get a big kick out of Diane's cooking videos. I am glad that you all have a balance in your life. When I see the stress the phonies have on you I am very grateful you aren't just doing that full time. Thanks, and carry on.



The videos you post here are fantastic, for every one person who complains there's 10 of us that are happy with the job you all are doing there, The "Ask Don and Diane" and just the story videos are worth twice the price alone.
Keep up the great work all of you there.