Dianes Birthday Part Two. The Saga Ends. Well Kinda Ends.

Dianes Birthday Part Two. The Saga Ends. Well Kinda Ends.
Master Chief and myself arrived in Amarillo. Many thanks for the support. Update and complete video SOON. 


Airborne 319


Who the heck is Johahn Patterson. I NEED MORE.



Senior please please please take care of yourself. AND YOUR RIGHT Miss Diane is a beautiful woman and our first lady. God bless safe travels. Of course we stayed with you both, you two are a class act and we love you.




I REALLY NEED EVERYONES HELP SO PLEASE READ. I really did not want to go down this route, I wanted to handle it by myself. There was a phony seal don busted long ago named NIKKO KAHA DE\\\'LOZADA. Can find it even on youtube as world record for most lies told. A few of you know the situation. My grandparents live all the way on the west coast, and that jackass was lying and extorting money and preying on elders. Both my grandparents are in a retirement home and cant even go to the bathroom by themselves. Under a similar name, in a few month span, he took between 25k-40k yes 40 thousand range $$$ from my grand parents. Telling them how he would get them side roles in movies with the rock and other actors, and that if they gave their $ as an investment he would turn it into millions. I cant even explain how far brain gone they are, but that was all the money they had, and can only stay where they are for another 6 months. I am 25 working my ass off to help best way I can, but I cannot locate this guy. I am not asking for any $ or any handouts, but if anyone could somehow locate this fuck for me it would mean the world to me. I tried to sum up the story, but if have any information on it more, please e-mail me at Waveysauce585@gmail.com I just tried to give quick cliff notes and make it short as possible, thank you everyone




"Pick your battles" is great advice. Sr. Thanks for the vid and I`m glad my meager $10.00 a month helps the cause. Happy belated birthday to Mrs. Diane.




Curious to hear more about Mr. Bernath. Thank you for sharing!



Love seeing what you do. For ten bucks and for how much content you post, how tireless you work, and how grateful you are to your supporters. It's good to know that my contribution makes a difference however small it is in bringing down these poisonous phonies... it's a study in pathological behavior and your wisdom is helpful. So thank you again! Hope you have a good rest soon and the leg gets better. Cheers.



The only thing the Bernath ass clown understands is money and if you can get his money before he can get yours he will not only run but hide from you. Maybe its time to counter sue him. I have had a case similar to this guy and like Bernath he came at me and at me until I was able to gather enough of it to counter-sue him and win a substantial amount. Cause the guy who like Bernath would not stop I was able to show in court the malicious behavior of his attempts to ruin me and the Judge saw it for that and awarded me the max with legal fees. The guy never to date has tried to even be caught in the same town as I am in nor heard a peep out of him after his money left his pocket and entered mine. No restraining order, No contact, just the judges verdict that I won and if he continues I will continue to win until I have everything he has or a life time judgement for all he may ever have was enough to end his BS.



Why wasn't Bernath arrested for perjury? Did he make these false claims in court? You should have gotten a restraining order against him based on all the emails he sent you and how he harassed you.



I have not joined Dan Abernath's Facebook page, but I check on it once in awhile. Today I found a post about you. At least, he claims that it's you. https://www.facebook.com/Unmasking-Americas-Stolen-Valor-Mafia-965772090130385/?fref=nf



at 6:35 "hes just fucking insane" lmao. and yes don more info on this dickheads past please