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BUSTED... Target One Secured...

September 12th, 2015 
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BUSTED... Target One Secured...

Myself and Diane got him GOOD and my Ranger Brother even got pissed and took part.


Video soon after we get back... It was epic.


More work tomorrow... Thanks for the support...


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Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

SAY HI TO DANNY BERNATH: oooh, courtesy of someone else:
Home; 239-288-6034
Cell; 503-367-4204

Just Google search "Daniel A. Bernath" and look at the results. I advise you to have plenty of popcorn and beverage when you do, there's plenty. :D

Lazarus avatar
Lazarus said....  

Sr. Chief Shipley's old friend/Ret. SEAL "Doc Riojas" has a very, very cool picture book online. Quite cool. Talked about how awesome William "Bill Big Fat Rat" Sutherland was in his day. A real bad ass hero who was beyond respected in SEAL teams.

PolishX avatar
PolishX said....  

You guys been busy , Glad to support you guys . keep it up

harborseal avatar
harborseal said....  

Can't wait to see Mama Shipley go off on him. Glad his buddies were there to see this ass exposed. Sorry but I do get delighted to see them get busted.

LST1192 avatar
LST1192 said....  

Yeah...Westminster, MD myself. Next time I'll take you to lunch!

Rocket-surgeon avatar
Rocket-surgeon said....  

::thumbs up::

Frankn8or avatar
Frankn8or said....  

Dammit Senior, you were only about 3 miles from me!

dorbie avatar
dorbie said....  

"You don't have the patience to be a sniper." - LOL

Pavlovzdawg avatar
Pavlovzdawg said....  

Last video when you said you were heading towards an Army biological training facility "up there" I was worried you were heading for Frederick. I might be a little late, but fair warning - they don't mess around at Fort Detrick. It is not a training facility - that school is in Missouri. Fort Detrick holds samples for scientific testing and development of biological defenses. It is a research facility. That alone keeps the base locked down tighter than a frog's ass. Add in a major communications hub for Camp David, a Navy Crypto site - the deny it, but the Classic Wizard antenna array is a little hard to miss, and an NSA tie-in and you get a base as secure as any other in America. High fences, clear lines of fire, active and aggressive security, motion sensors, and the like. I drove past it every day for two years while attending Frederick Community College - their next door neighbors. Playing baseball there one day, we knocked a ball over the fence near the crypto site. Later that day I was called into the administration office to verify me and my ball playing friends by 'men in black.' They keep samples of every biological warfare agent known to man there. Scary stuff. That is the base where the dude who sent all of those anthrax-laden letters after 9/11 worked. Needless to say, my house was downwind of the joint. After the MIB visit where their loose lips let me know what they were protecting, it took less than six months for me to sell my house and move to York, PA. No way I am living downwind of that joint.

Wainegro avatar
Wainegro said....  

This Ray Sutherland character has NOT kept a low profile, he is brazen as hell, he's all over the internet. I'm very happy you nailed his ass. I can't wait to see the full clip. The Seal Team Five patch and the claim he was with the team in Nam' is just nuts. I thought the short clip of Sutherland was an error with my player, but I get how it's going down now. you're going to post them when complete probably, which makes sense as you're still actively busting. Keep it up guys. Be safe. Thank you.

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