Bald Eagles in danger with Diane driving

Good news from the courts while geese flock to the fields and riding with Diane is a death trap




Oh my you all are too funny! Burger Chef was the first for us up North too. Loved those BK burgers and walking out with your crown that you would have to tape the slots up when you got home!



Loved playing cards and drinking beer with my father, at home or at a pub. He was the best



1.5 mil ........ hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha ahhhhhhhahahahahahaha

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I've got a prepaid Paypal card that I use, not tied to my bank account. I just put money on it when I want to use it. You can pick one up at the dollar store. Still have my old Ebay Paypal account but that bank account it's tied to is closed.

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I can't even imagine what it's like. We're all so very sorry Diane

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Hope everything is ok sweetheart..Diane

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Hope everything is ok sweetheart..Diane



The title of this video made me literally laugh out loud at work. I needed that. Thanks, Shipley family... lol


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Please, please don't interpret this as my attempt to silence anyone or call out anyone. After I write this, I'm probably going to take a break. I'm ALL for opposing viewpoints, a little conspiracy theory here and there, and speculation when things don't quite add up. And, for that reason, I'm going to share what I know about OUR experience with the Thomas Fire. I can also admit that, even if there was a giant conspiracy, I'm far too close to the canvas to see the entire painting, at this point. My adrenaline and dopamine levels have been in places I never imagined I could go and that's left me raw.

I didn't lose my home in a house fire. It wasn't a controlled burn of any sort. It wasn't a lab setting. My nearest neighbor's home sustained minor damage outsde, minor inside. And, yes, there are trees still standing in the neighborhood. My house has a footprint and a fireproof roof left. But, near the street, where (I'm guessing) a lot of water was dropped to save the things they thought they could defend, there are little burnt trees and even some flowers (buried in ash). My house, as it turns out, was doomed by many factors that combined to overwhelm whatever defenses I thought were in place. I've only had papers on it for three months. Just moved in. It was old. Needed some TLC: but it was mine. Sadly, it was on the draft side of the canyon- sitting on an small ridge in the direct path of a fire that consumed over 14 miles of creosote, eucalyptus, pampas grass, and chapparel before roaring, riding the back of 80mph winds, to our back door. It took about 4 hours for that to grow from a few stray sparks. Much like the St. Francis Dam Disaster in the 20's, the Santa Clara River Valley is a pipeline for water and flames. It's a wind tunnel even without fire. There's one main artery for traffic and it skates along the front of the mountain, dipping and dodging, making it hard to see around corners. We go from an elevation of, quite literally, see level to 3,000 feet in less than a mile in some places. And, those we call foothills. The mountains in Ventura County peak out at 8,000 feet, but average 5,000 in the fire area. Wildfires love everything about this situation. The canyons impede visibility and create narrow blast furnaces. My house wasn't touched by a grass fire- it was blasted for three hours by a blow torch before the first light would allow a water drop. If you hold a blow torch at an angle, it doesn't really burn what's outside the torch. You can get your finger pretty damn close to the flame. But, if that blow torch is also carrying 14 miles worth of wind driven tumbleweeds, embers, palm fronds, and fire balls....the damage spreads to the stuff not directly in the flame of the blow torch. For my house, I also know the thing that people aren't acknowledging - OIL. In 1919, oil was discovered in the foothills of Ventura. The same area that went up like a candle. Do you think the EPA was checking permits between 1919 and 1950? I went in to buying that house pretty damn certain that there was some shit in the ground that I didn't really wanna know about. Our garden wasn't at that house- it was in Bardsdale for a reason. As of 2008, more than ONE BILLION gallons of oil were pumped from a lease that was 8 miles long and 2 miles across. And, there are still 423 productive wells (well, there WERE,not sure how those are holding up). Aera energy and Shell own all of it. I guess my bottom line is - this was a shit storm of epic proportions and while I want answers, the simple truth is: living here is a gamble. Earthquakes mean we can't use the same steel frames you might use in other states. We like things that bend and give a little. Pull up images of Ventura County or google how many high rises we have. TWO. That's it. You can't build steel based high rises on sand, clay, and sandstone. To build steel frame here, you have to drill down to hard pan or granite to avoid liquifaction during an earthquake and then you lose because you have now attached your immovable building to something that is CONTANTLY on the move- weld a paint can to a paint mixer and drop some office furniture into the paint can with people and let me know what that looks like when you're done. The sky scrapers in LA (which, there really aren't that many off) float on gaskets and/or bearings to avoid the paint can scenario. So, you have wood. Brick would be great, but for the earthquakes. What am I getting at? This wasn't a house fire. This was a firestorm. We had fire tornadoes. We had a measured 242mph down draft that flipped a fire truck and effectively pulverised a major freeway over crossing and shrunk and buckled an old railroad spur. I'm not angry about the curiosity or the question or even the conspiracy theory- I'm upset that I'm seeing people equate what's happening here to car fires and house fires (SINGULAR). When our shed lit up, it followed the house fire rules because it was isolated from the main fire complex - it was driven by arcs and embers and the shed/barn was OLD. But, more than the video, it's the ravenous desire to blame it on something that seems premature. I wish it was that easy- to blame it on a giant plan. And, will developers rush in and gentrify Ventura and make changes: maybe they need to be made.




Paypal has drained my checking account by a hacker! I can't believe this is happening to me now. Dear God please give me strength.