Ask Don and Diane Shit, Putt Putt Golf.

Ask Don and Diane Shit, Putt Putt Golf.




On the flight line at Whiteman AFB, we would dump baby powder in some poor bastards a/c vents in his car and turn the setting on HIGH, and it'd look like his airbag deployed when he'd start his car! Or Vaseline on theirs windshield wipers is great way to really piss someone off.



We were in Camp Smedley D. Butler on Okinawa during a class 2 or 3 typhoon in 1990, and we were racing swab buckets. We'd tie sheets between two swabs to make a sail and then race down the road in the middle of a typhoon with goggles and flak gear on. The fun really began when we'd started team racing, having the sheet between two buckets. A lot of road rash that day. We had an occasional MP stop and tells us to get inside, but we ignored them, and PMO finally had to send a squad over to lock us down inside the barracks and stand watch so we couldn't get out. Nobody understands what kind of pranks and worse that boredom can bring on. That night I ended hitting the rack early, and we know what a mistake it can be to be the first one to fall asleep. The next morning I awoke with half a shirt, Magic Marker all over my upper body and face, and my cover glued to my noggin. Luckily for me it was only rubber cement and not adhesive cyanoacrylate.



at least they didn't send you tons of holiday brouchores with Arabic names on it and pretty polly lady tights don

steve USMC


Subic Bay. Pulled into her in 69 on the USS TARLA AKA112. 3 days of fun. Perfume river ,got the name right

semper fi steve



@Former Spook: Noticed that you were in VQ-2. I was in VQ-1 in the early 80's in Guam. EA-3B's and EP-3B's as an Avionics Tech.



One of my favorites was to put aircraft electrical cleaner in heavy duty zip lock bags. It would come out of the can cold as shit and liquid, but in room temp it would boil and gas. In side of one of those bag it would take about a minute to blow up and it was loud as shit. It was perfect to slide it under someones seat and walk away. Turn around and watch that "special" person come out of the chair like shot out of a cannon.

Former Spook


I once used coverup makeup for a Saturday morning muster. I'm not even embarassed.

My buddies thought they got me good and no matter how hard I scrubbed, I couldn't get that shit off me, so I borrowed makeup from a girl on the floor below me. It was the easiest thing I could come up with and after muster (it was a punishment for us being shitbirds the day before), that same girl used some makeup remover to get the marker off me. End of the day- LPO had no clue and I got rubbed down by a cute chick from another class.



Sea bat story time!!!



My grandfather was a Master sergeant in the army. We (my cousin and I) played a practical joke on the next door neighbor on base, and it scared the ever living shit out of her when we put garter snake on her front porch while she was rocking on her bench. Never forget when he came home and heard about that. "I'll be a son of a bitch. Which one of you little bastards were playing fuck fuck games scaring the shit out of the neighbors?" The term fuck fuck games still rings in my head to this day.



Memories... I remember once we put a captured chipmunk in a friends truck. It decided that it was time to play when he was driving down the highway! True close quarters combat!