American football game and phonys

Don and Diane catch a football game and reflect on a phony




I am still new to your site. I gotta say that after watching the good stuff of you folks hosting these Wounded warriors at your place makes me so uplifted. I spose the phony stuff was the foundation I just prefer the good stuff, much respect to you and yours.



If I never see another phony SEAL video again, it would be okay if Don tells some stories & laughs. Don's laugh is one of the most infectious laughs I've seen. Love the videos and all that you do. Keep your heads down, continue your great work, and I'll support you for as long as I can. Cheers, Mark







Hi. Good morning. I've said this for years. If Mr. Shipley went a couple years without a phony. ( God I pray not!!) but if he did, I still don't feel like I've paid back nearly enough for all of those YouTube videos and the literal months of enjoyment they had given me. Those videos got me by some slow slow days where I just couldn't make much happen. Plus just what I've learned from all of those videos, the friends I've made, I mean, I'm going to have to subscribe until the day I die. Then keep it going, because you can't put a price tag on ones well being. Plus the knowledge. Incredible. Did anyone else see that kid acting like he was interviewing a "SEAL" for his paper on YouTube??? I laughed because it reminded me of that Frederick Maryland Sutherland "on the job" phony. I remember how SC said MC Davis helped create the patch of SEAL team 5 in 83, and how the sun went down on UDT team 11 in the background.(which then was the last UDT team and they became SEAL team 5) He had a patch and he tells the kid that all SEALs have a SUN RISING When you ask your SEAL friends "What's your sun rising?" If they don't tell you they weren't a SEAL???? I wish I could have jumped through the computer. The Shipleys are the 2 greatest folks I've personally stumbled upon ever online, in person, anywhere!! Couldn't name any better folks. Thanks again for all of the knowledge and the hundred or so busts that you put on YouTube. It sure makes me feel good to know there's folks like this out there TO THIS VERY DAY!! Stay your course my ESA family and above all keep smiling. Me




Senior &'ve done more than enough to nail these SOB's. You both have a life & continue to help veterans with your WARRIOR's REST. I strongly support your cause & agree with u whole heartedly that this is an important issue that needs to be addressed by more than one or two individuals. It would be great if several former SEALS could take up this fight.......mainly younger aggressive guys that could take the fight to them. Senior you've done this for a long time & done it extremely well but u need a break.
God bless u & Diane
"Always watch your 6"




First, I think it is awesome you can adapt your game plan to bring a wounded Vet in that does not necessarily care for hunting, though I love that part of your charity. This is just further evidence that your hearts are in the right place. I am sure he will find solace in whatever you do at the wonderful property. Next, I have said it before but it bears repeating at least for my own sake, if you never pursue another phony sons-a-bitchin poser again, I would still subscribe to the sight based on the work you guys are doing for the wounded warriors and sick folk. That's how I feel about it anyway. You have paid your dues, done your time and suffered greatly for it. Phonies are a bit like our fanatical enemies abroad, one goes down another rises up. As long as there is something to be gained from claiming the accolades from those who have given so much, there will be the uncaring and scurrilous parasites ready to take advantage. I believe they will give answer one day. I personally will be content to see videos of happy campers reeling in the big striper, blowing off a round from the blind or just having a good time relaxing at a place where folks genuinely care about our troops. Oh, and I also think that when people see the genuine article, true American heroes, it helps them to recognize the phonies for what they are. I do not usually post this much, but that is where I stand. God speed, and fair winds and following seas to extreme seal adventures...




Don and Diane: I sort of figured that you had to tone things down a tad while this current challenge was in the process of being resolved. Until these scum-bags are legally dealt with, I hope you'll take comfort knowing that your efforts are noble and I can't imagine how appreciative real veterans are and particularly the families and loved ones of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. All the best to you guys...




I think there is one thing you might be wrong about, D&D. I think there is a mole of some sort on this side of the pay wall on the video site. When I met you guys for the first time in court up here in Chesapeake back in April, I came back home after the hearing and posted my thoughts on the hearing to the comments of the most recent video. Within the hour I got a notification from Twitter that Dallas Wiggenfuck had started following me on Twitter. That's way too much of a coincidence, in my opinion. I dont post very often up here, so he had to have seen my comments and tried to start his stalking routine with me. I blocked his ass, of course...

Berdouche might not be a member to this site, but one of his cronies is for sure. And that person can go fuck themselves.




That freaking fraud is such a Bernath-hole.


Chuck golf :2/26th mar


Continued from the stair fall .. the doctors could not understand how I was able to climb those :2 flights of stair with those extensive injuries I would have died. They said if I had laid there. They asked me how ? My response was I'm a marine I was taught never to quit or give up. Mind over matter. Those of you that were in the old corps and I'm sure the seals understand what I mean. don has the same attributes .. it's not in us to quit no matter how long or impossible the odds seem to be ,