A SUPRISE for Diane goes South quickly for Don.

A SUPRISE for Diane goes South quickly for Don. I was being funny but my surprise for Diane didn’t go the way I planned it. She though my surprise was that our offer on the property in Maryland had been accepted but that wasn’t it. I get the 'Stupid Husband of the Week Award.'

Many thanks for the support...




Im glad I know how this turns out, so, no worries.

Kary Jo


Oh Diane; I'm so sorry. I hated to see look so sad. Don..??? WTF!



Im going to make Dan Bernath "self murder" Lmal



don and Diane one of your sons friends or your son himself is going to end up assassinating this guy and i would not feel the least bit bad, if they got together and decided to just JFK this D-bag. I just pray they don't get caught.



Don, maybe you should set up a donations page too.



At some point you will be able to have Bernath labeled as a "vexatious litigant," forcing him to post a bond whenever he files suit to cover your attorney fees if he loses.



Oh yeah, in regards to increasing the membership fee from $10.00 to $15.00. I would increase the membership fees from $10.00 to $20.00; with $10.00 of that fee each month going into a legal defense fund. Just my $.02 cents worth! Lol



As you well know SENIOR, there are many pitfalls, turns and stops regarding constitutional law. As a follower and man full of admiration for both you and Diane, I highly recommend that you AND Diane DO OBTAIN THE SERVICES OF AN ATTORNEY, to represent y'all in any legal proceeding involving BRRRRRRRNATH and yourselves. This attorney would be acting CLINICAL, as where y'all would be proceeding emotionally. I have been involved with legal proceedings for over 37 years as a result of my profession, and have seen many unfair legal actions occurr against people that did not deserve them.I say this to y'all with the utmost respect to the both of you.




"Lighten up, Francis." Brilliant one-liner, Senior Chief "Hulka". I laughed out loud!

Cranky Old Veteran, JD


If Bernath has a restraining order against him, he can still file lawsuits against the person who the restraining order seeks to protect. What he is doing merely harassment, and your correct he is indeed trying to force you to hire an attorney, both to drain your funds, and also because he can harass and manipulate your attorney into some form of a settlement, because he is now unable to communicate with you directly. He is trying to harass you, nothing more and nothing less. Once you get served with the complaint, immediately file an answer in which you claim to be the owner of the trademark and accuse him of stealing , and layout in your answer that Bernath is trying to defraud the court, and with the answer, also file a counter-suit at the same time. In the counter-claim count the number of E-Mails and voice-mails you have received from him, and multiply this by $50 per E-Mail or Voice-Mail as actual damages, plus $150 per E-Mail/Message as punitive damages. Then, ask for $25,000 for actual damages for his fraudulent restraining order he filed in Florida, then $2.5 million for damage to your reputation and maliciously interfering with your business just in regards to the RO he tried to fraudulently get against you in Family Court in Florida, plus 2.5 Million in pain, suffering, and emotional distress for the activities up to the point the court in Florida shut him down and tossed the case out ($5.725 Million up to say April 1st, 2016.). Then for the activities he engaged in After 1 April 2015 ask for actual and punitive damages for $17.175 Million Dollars, with this amount being 3 times the amount of the damages as of April 1, 2016). As this moves forward, each step keeps notes of time spent on this matter, and the interference it has caused in your lives and business, and attach a reasonable dollar value to those minutes and hours and claim this as actual damages, and then add to this any other impact this has had on you amended triple the sum of these two numbers to compute the minimum you seek as punitive damages. When you speak of punitive damages, use the phrase "At least" so you list it is "actual direct damages, expenses, dilution of trademark, emotional pain and suffering, and related tangible injury in the amount of at least $15 Million Dollars, and Punitive Damages of at least $45 Million Dollars, for a total that you ask the jury to award of at least $60 million dollars or an amount the jury finds to be fair.

It is obvious that Bernath does not understand that he is a fool to try to sue you for trademark infringement when you obviously own the trademarks and you can prove extensive registration activities, plus extensive prior use in business, and can prove that he maliciously filed a fraudulent trademark registration in recent history just to file this suit. It is actually quite simple to file a motion to dismiss by submitting to the court your trademark registration and proof of extensive prior business dealings under that name and request that the court sanction Bernath, and award you $50,000 for Bernath willfully filing a fraudulent complaint with the court.