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A Phony on Memorial Day Weekend.

May 23rd, 2015 
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A Phony on Memorial Day Weekend.


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vermontster avatar
vermontster said....  

Don, Please don't blame yourself- con artists are great at what they do- CON... you can bet I will be fucking his luck!!!

Lunchbucket avatar
Lunchbucket said....  

Don't be upset... think more of it like, the screwer's got screwed!!!

2minutes2midnight avatar
2minutes2midnight said....  

One other thing Mr. Shipley. My girlfriend is Dominican and I would love to share this with her ....She doesn't speak English or have a command of it like most Spanish speaking cultures hold of Americanese...Food for thought....Please advise.

2minutes2midnight avatar
2minutes2midnight said....  

Mr. Don. Do you like watching combat sports ? More specifically UFC or those similar ?

gdteer50 avatar
gdteer50 said....  

You know what SC, think of it like this you and the students that come and are able to use and learn about those weapons its better off that you have them regardless of where they, or who they came from. So SC please don't let it get you down please. AIRBORNE!!!

Krump avatar
Krump said....  

On 100 individus you will find one genius and one empty soul... no matter what.

TurdFerguson avatar
TurdFerguson said....  

Sounds like that fuk hed I saw n a vid once. Maybe not, but hey, fukhed!

Autobahnforever avatar
Autobahnforever said....  

I have confidence in your planning and ambush skills.........I would imagine setting up real operations where your ass (and everyone else's) is on the line for real tends to make you pretty good with details and preparing for various scenarios. Get this guy Don. He is preying on your fellow servicemen and needs to be taught a painful lesson.

Ron avatar
Ron said....  

For the man who is lied to from morning to night, from a man who has spent nigh on 20 years hip deep in an industry rife with "tall tails", I give you this..... all lies do contain elements of truth as you say, but the most effective lies are nearly 100% truth. Think about that Creekmur guy and his SEAL bio, he was telling the truth.... all except it was Matto's bio. Is it me, or do these fakes get more transparent as it goes? Keep up the good work.

PastorDavy avatar
PastorDavy said....  

Happy Memorial Day and God bless you and Diane SC! We love you guys and are grateful for the sacrifice you put in day in day out to exposing the truth and elevating the dignity and sanctity of your office as God's ministers to punish evil! You do us all proud and grateful for the freedom we have at such a great cost!

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